Multiple Rendering Options

Sparkbrowser can convert any website to bootstrap to make it load faster. Also with Sparkbrowser CDN you can load website content as JSON for millions of sites.

Cross Platform

Sparkbrowser uses the Qt Framework for C++ to provide a lightning fast expeirence on all platforms including Windows, Apple, and Linux Operating Systems. SB-Mobile is available for android and ios.

Enterprise Friendly

Sparkbrowser provides a full service solution for secure email and messaging, file sharing, and business automation tasks with SBQL all from one application.

Premium features and enterprise support.

Native code execution through secure API's and sparkbrowser CDN allow you to access your favorite content with blazing fast speed even if the website is clogged with ads. Sparkbrowser does not render advertisements.

  • Web Containers

    Web containers allow you to create custom websites with snippets from other websites. Similar to Iframes these containers allow you to bring all your favorite content to one place.

  • Robust And Secure

    Sparkbrowser is written in C++ and provides free upgrades forever. New releases are always free. Sparkbrowser uses secure API's to execute native code on the client machine. You can easily manage your trusted applications in Apps.

  • Standardized themes

    Sparkbrowser uses bootstrapify to converty any web page to bootstrap. Stripping out the text and images and data, and replacing the theme with bootstrap. This makes things cleaner and faster.

  • Sparkbrowser API

    Sparkbrowser has a full featured API library. This allows you to easily interact with data on the web. Sparkbrowser makes data export capabilities and automation extremely simple.

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